Business Resources for Photographers

A list of business resources I’ve found helpful in growing my small business. I will continue to update this list over time, so please check back!



An extremely powerful tool for client workflow and a major time saver.


This may be obvious to some but it’s helpful to implement quickbooks for your taxes, organizing business cashflow and quickly categorizing all of your income / payments. Bonus - it connects with Honeybook!

Hourly Rate Calculator

One of the main questions emerging photographers have is “how do I figure out what my rates should be?” This calculator is a game changer in determining what you need to charge hourly in order to meet your financial goals.

APA Business Manual

APA National has generously provided immensely useful business guides and tools all on this resource page - and all for free!

iLoveCreatives Grow Spreadsheet

A free tracker for growing your instagram account, revenue, subscribers, etc. It’s a helpful tool for mapping out your goals and creating a roadmap for growth.

Station Seven's Business Plan

A guide for launching your photo business and creating a detailed business plan.

Invoice Templates

Pretty straightforward. The link above is free and has multiple options for weddings, photo assistant, etc. If you’re looking for something a little better designed there are lots of options on etsy.

KEH for Equipment

Still growing and don’t want to invest too much in equipment just yet? Keh is a used camera equipment store that can hook you up with the gear you want at a fraction of the price. They have lighting, tripods, cameras - everything you need!

Sell Your Own Presets

A guide to making and selling your own lightroom presets, which can be a source of passive income for photographers.

Business Brainstorming with MindNode

MindNode is a visual brainstorming app that can help you set goals or develop creative concepts and map out next steps.

ASMP Legal Hub + Business Blog + Business Bible

American Society of Media Photographers has a legal education + business hub with lots of legal advice, as well as a business blog. I also highly recommend their business bible which is regularly updated and available for purchase. 

Center for Cultural Innovation

Tons of fantastic business workshops and networking opportunities for artists, as well as this new business guide book.

California Lawyers for the Arts

Low or no-cost attorneys for artists, legal educational information and arbitration services.

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